Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle School (STEMS) has cultivated a strong sense of community within its South Florida home. We nurture a Muslim identity in our student body and among faculty and staff in a variety of ways, including programs, events, and embedded curriculum. STEMS offers a rigorous academic program that fosters an ability to succeed within the school environment, in the greater community, and upon leaving the institution and entering higher education or the workforce.

STEMS demonstrate a particular strength in helping students navigate their identity as Muslims. Specifically, we offer an Islamic studies program with a special focus on character building and social emotional learning. Within the Islamic curriculum, the Tarbiyah is highlighted and crystallized for students. Both I love Islam and Learning Islam provide the core content for the Islamic studies program. Interested students can also pursue the Hifz program.

The academic studies at STEMS have lead students to success within county competitions such as the Broward Science fair; at which STEMS has won top tier awards yearly. We have achieved success by focusing on providing a stable environment and offering a multitude of resources for students, while also embracing a flexible learning module so that student needs are accommodated at any level. The school is aligned closely with the Florida State standards. Recently, we have transitioned smoothly into the virtual environment because we utilize several digital platforms to facilitate the core subjects, including math, science, English, and social studies.

Embracing a strong Muslim identity and a robust academic program are pillars of student life at STEMS. Students are also immersed a culturally, linguistically, racially, and religiously diverse environment in South Florida; due to this unique climate, a pluralistic community and culturally relevant curriculum are paramount to the student’s experience at STEMS. STEMS students and graduates work towards cultural proficiency, possess a strong moral fiber that supports open-mindedness, and participate in the community with confidence, knowledge, and perseverance to achieve academic and career goals.