STEMS Alumna

I went to Salah Tawfik from 5th grade to 8th grade. I loved my time there and felt ready to pursue my passion in medicine and my goal of becoming a physician. It built a strong foundation for me to become successful later on in high school as well as in medical school. I always felt ready to accept all new academic challenges that came my way! 

– Sumayyah Shah, PGY-2 Internal Medicine Resident in Orlando, Florida


STEMS Parents 

I am Sarah & Saria Kouli’s mom. I had a great experience with Salah Tawfik Elementary & Middle school. Both of my daughters are here since PreK-3. I feel like we are family. This is school always progressing and you can see it through the improvement of the curriculum. I love our school.

– Kouli Family 


Online classes were always a challenge to me during my college years. I am truly impressed how Salah Tawfik’s teachers adjusted themselves and their students in such a short period of time. My kids have been checking their ClassDojo accounts on a daily basis to see what they need to work on and what time they will meet with their teacher and their classmates on zoom. My kids were never exposed to online classes before, I was really glad that they adjust to the new way of learning smoothly and without any complications. Teachers are very helpful and responsive, they are doing their best to make sure students learn to their potential through creating a class environment from their homes. I am really thankful to all the teachers and admins who made this online teaching work because my kids did not lose not even a day of learning unlike other students at islamic schools or public schools.

-Dakdouk Family


I am very grateful for the opportunity of being able to send my kids to an Islamic school.
One of the things we found most laudable was the adaptability the school and the teachers showed during this difficult time, and the smooth transition to instruction online, in such a short period of time. I am impressed by their dedication and I greatly appreciate their commitment and their patience with helping out each child keep up with their study schedule . In this manner, our children’s education was not hindered and continued straight from home!

-Atif Family